System Automation for z/VSE

Auto-MPF is an automatic Message Processing Facility (MPF) for use with the z/VSE operating system. It uses the enhanced console facilities of z/VSE to provide message management and console automation. It uses the VSE/REXX language environment to provide system automation.

With Auto-MPF you can:

o     Use rule based definitions to control message and command processing
o     Automate system IPL and shutdown processes
o     Color code related messages or highlight important messages
o     Suppress unneeded messages
o     Automate message processing with user coded REXX procedures
o     Add new system operator AR commands processed by user provided REXX procedures
o     Automatically reply to console messages
o     Re-word or add text to ambigous messages
o     Re-route messages to task specific consoles
o     Retain messages on the console display
o     Share data variables between user written REXX procedures
o     Automatically notify on call personnel using email or SMS about error situations
o     Route console messages to off-platform SYSLOGD servers for further processing

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See what a VSE console can look like with Auto-MPF!
View a sample console message page
This page was created from a live VSE system with Auto-MPF active.

See what the Auto-MPF Message Rules look like!
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