Arney Computer Systems

Who We Are, Past and Present

Arney Computer Systems specializes in the development of IBM mainframe system software.  The company was founded in 1991 to develop and market software products for the MVS (now z/OS), VSE (now z/VSE) and VM/ESA (now z/VM) operating systems.

The CMS minidisk access software for VSE and MVS was the first product we developed.  It provides access to data stored in the VM/CMS file system from native MVS or VSE systems. This product, which we no longer market, became available in 1994.

Auto-MPF was our second product.  It became available at the same time as VSE/ESA version 2 became available, in April 1995.  This product uses the enchanced console facilities of VSE/ESA version 2 to provide console message management.  In 1997, Auto-MPF became a full console management system, and in 2011 system automation facilities were added allowing user coded REXX procedures to be executed when triggered by a console message or an operator command.

In 1998 we entered the busy web-to-host market with a now well-known S/390 software product.  This software product automatically web-enables any 3270 application running under z/OS, z/VSE or z/VM.  The product is available for execution on both MVS and VSE systems.

In 2002 we developed a XML-enabling product for 3270 applications.  This product turns any 3270 application data into XML documents.  The screens are translated into XML documents and delivered to applications using the HTTP protocol as a transport.  Server side scripting and user field name customization provide advanced facilities for delivering user tailored XML documents to applications written in JAVA or any .NET language.  The product is also a SOAP server, supporting Web Service requests from any platform or programming language.  The server software is available for both z/OS and z/VSE.

We specialize in products that use the TCP/IP networking protocols and are involved in developing products utilizing the latest technologies such as XML, SOAP and web services.

In 2011 we divested the web enabling product line to focus the companies' efforts in a new direction. We started the development of a revolutionary z/OS software debugging facility. After two years of research and development our Trap Diagnostic Facility (TDF) product is introduced in 2013. We expect to expand this product with exciting features that have never before been available to software developers.

From time to time, Arney Computer Systems also contracts to perform development of challenging software projects. If you need technical assistance with a special problem, or assembler language development task, let us know. We may be able to help.

We run z/OS, z/VSE and z/VM on an IBM System z computer, so we have a great development and debugging environment available to us.

Arney Computer Systems is an IBM Business Partner and a member of the IBM PartnerWorld for Developers association.